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Some ideas simply stay and linger, no matter how much time passes. For us it was the thought of our own sextoy manufactory that chased us for almost ten years. We collected all new ideas in a small notebook until it formed a bigger picture. And 2018 we finally started our big adventure.

We think that nobody should be judged for their fantasies and kinks. It’s what makes things interesting and satisfy us the most. Bringing desired fantasies into reality shouldn’t come with smelly or unhealthy solutions though, which is why it is so important to us that we use 100% safe platinum cured silicone only.

Enjoy yourself, feel safe and satisfy your curiosity! It is worth it. :3

And a big thank you to all supporters, new and old customers and everyone who makes a pleasant experience possible for others. There still is a long way ahead but every step forward is progress made.

Meet The Team

From the heart of Europe, out of the hands of three, created for the world.

Martin Babel

Sebastian Pohl

Cornelia Babel

Our Inventory Drop

Every now and then we add experimentals and exclusives to our stock toy page. These give us a chance to vent creativity and try new things.

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