Medium Qwim – 1064

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Additional Information:

Total size: 25cm (9.84″)
Usable length: 22cm (8.66″)
Thickest part tip: 5,5cm (2.17″)
Thickest part lower shaft: 6,2cm (2.44″)
Material: Medical Grade Silicone
Firmness: Standard (Shore A00)

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Out of stock

About Qwim:

Collector of the arcane.
Revealer of the unknown.
Protector of wisdom.

Qwim is known by many names. His age and origin are often debated by those looking up to him while he himself preaches the opposite. The past itself does not matter. Only what you have learned and how you put your knowledge into action is important to him. Shaping the future is the strongest power and biggest responsibility of an individual, and Qwim will gladly help you find your path.
Leave the past behind you and shape your future!


Qwim is an indescribable and unique creature. Its experimental appearance is especially designed for adventurous companions who are looking for something extraordinary.


The small version is quite wobbly if poured in soft silicone.
Ordering it in the firm version greatly increases handling.


Character design by: @KasaTheDogARTS

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