Small Ferin – 938

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Additional Information:

Total size: 16,5cm (6.5″)
Usable length: 14,5cm (5.7″)
Diameter shaft: 3,8cm (1.5″)
Diameter knot: 5cm (1.97″)
Material: Medical Grade Silicone
Firmness: Standard (Shore A00)

He has a suction cup

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Out of stock

About Ferin:

A lover of nature and all things green and floral, Ferin is a quiet and thoughtful companion. If he’s not out gathering flower cuttings and wild seeds, you can probably find him at home in his greenhouse, tending to his vast collection of seedlings and flowers. There’s more to this gentle fox than meets the eye though, and if you feel like going for a romp in the woods, he may just surprise you!

Designed with both novice and experienced fantasy toy owners in mind, Ferin features a gentle tapered shaft with a plump knot that stays put once you’ve conquered him. Perfect for those looking for a filling experience without too much texture, this sleek fox will leave you breathless ~

Character design by: @goblinhoarder

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