Colors: Gold, White, UV-Mint, Navy, Black
Poured by: Conny
He will be shipped on the next business day after purchase.This girthy guy is Jorhan. His textured tip makes sure that every advanced inch will be felt through a distinct stretching sensation. While his texture, median ring and general girth comfortably helps stretching, his size will deliver the sensation to deeper regions for the full experience. The appearance is completed with a nice set of testicles, mainly to avoid loosing him in the heat of the moment.
Dimensions and Material

Total size: 25cm (9.8″)
Usable length: 22cm (8.7″)
Diameter tip: 5,5cm (2.2″)
Diameter upper shaft: 4,8cm (1.9″)
Diameter lower shaft: 5,5cm (2.2″)
Firmness: Soft (ShoreA 00)