Medium Mundir – Purple Callum


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Additional Information:

Total size: 22,5cm (8.9″)
Usable length: 18,5cm (7.3″)
Diameter shaft: 5cm (2″)
Diameter knot: 6cm (2.4″)
Material: Medical Grade Silicone
Firmness: Soft (Shore A00)

Colors: Yellow, White, Purple-ish Dark Red
Poured by: Martin

Suction Cup: No

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Out of stock


About Mundir:

This wolf offers quite a challenge with both his size and girth. His characteristic tip will scratch even the deepest itch while his bulging shaft with his ridges makes sure to stretch you in all the right ways. The knot consists of three bulbs arranged all around, two to secure his position once he’s in and one to press against your g-spot or p-spot respectively. And once he’s in, he’s in for sure. Getting him in is easier than getting him out and he’ll hit all the right spots in the whole process.