Three years of Neotori

Today marks our three year anniversary! Time for some bundled additions. :3

increased color palette

We have added eleven new colors to our customization ranging from shiny to intense. They are available for every product with customizable colors.

Vac-U-Lock compability

It has been requested so much over the years and it took much longer to get right than expected, but we can finally offer Vac-U-Lock compatible bases on Toys.

Included are:
Mundir L+XL
Garag L
Finn M+L
Jorhan S+M+L+XL
Ferin L
Andaro L+XL
Noax L
Theotolax M+L+XL
Qwim L
Thorvald M


Our Mugs are back in stock as well. 😀

Thank you all for making this possible :3