Frequently Ask Questions

Who will deliver my package?2021-07-01T14:00:19+02:00

Our parcels are usually delivered by the national postal company of your country. If your parcel exceeds a certain weight limit, your parcel can also be delivered by DHL. Especially in Germany, Poland, Spain and Bulgaria all packages are delivered by DHL.

Parcels weighing more than 2kg are delivered by Hermes in the UK.

Parcels to the US are transported to the USA by DHL Express and delivered there by USPS.

What materials are used?2019-11-21T13:18:53+01:00

All toys are made of body-safe medical grade platinum cured silicone. The pigments used to dye the silicone are body-safe too of course.

What is the standard firmness?2020-12-06T23:01:31+01:00

Our go-to firmness is ShoreA 00, called “Standard” in our customization. It is soft, squishy and feels great. It can be compared to relaxed muscle or gummy bears. Some top heavy models like Mundir and Ferin don’t stand on their own in this firmness.

Is the packaging discreet?2019-11-21T13:19:24+01:00

Of course! The package is brown without any writings on it.

The shipping sticker states your and our mailing adress if sent to a destination inside the EU.

If the destination is outside the EU there will be a second sticker for customs with the package content (we declare it as a “silicone product”), the product price and its weight.

Which payment options are available?2019-11-21T13:17:48+01:00
We accept PayPal, most major credit cards via PayPal checkout and direct bank transfer.
Is Neotori recruiting?2020-12-06T23:41:32+01:00

Yes we are!

Send us a mail at application@neotori.com and tell us a few things about yourself.

We are looking to fill local positions, so you should live in the vicinity.

We search for someone with interest in one or more fields listed below

  • Pouring toys
  • Helping with creating new products
  • Social Media & Content Creation
  • Media design
  • Product photography
  • Creating and maintaining listings

Simply let us know which of these fields are interesting to you and if you have any prior knowledge.

Is my order shipped out? Tracking doesn’t show anything yet.2020-12-06T23:50:16+01:00

The tracking information are updated automatically. It can take a few days until it shows the initial update for international shipments though.

I’m creating content, would you send me something so I can create content with it?2020-12-06T23:32:15+01:00

Send us a mail with your channel and a few information about yourself, your content and your audience and we will see if we can work something out. :3

How long will shipping take and is there a tracking option?2019-11-21T13:27:32+01:00

That depends on the destination of course.
Here’s a rough estimate for regular destinations:

Germany 1 – 3 business days
Europe 2 – 7 business days
USA 5 – 10 business days

These times are estimates and things like border customs and holliday seasons can delay the shipment.

All international orders automatically come with tracking so you’ll be able to check its status.

How long until a customized toy will be shipped after ordering?2020-02-07T12:16:14+01:00

We’re usually sending packages out 2-5 business days after the payment was received.
There might be delays due to high demand when new models arrive, a sale is running or if it’s holiday season. But it usually is just one or two extra business days.

If something majorly delays the process we’ll let you know of course.

How long until a premade toy will be shipped after ordering?2021-07-01T13:52:03+02:00
Premade toys will be dropped off for shipping on the next business day. (For US customers: Orders are bundled and shipped together. This may result in shipping being delayed a few days).
How long does it take for a direct bank transfer to arrive?2020-12-06T23:16:36+01:00

Transfers within Germany usually take one, sometimes two business days.

It takes a little longer from every other country in the EU, mostly about 3-5 business days. You will receive an email from us once it arrives.

How can I contact you?2019-11-21T13:18:32+01:00

We are happy to answer any questions you might have! Simply email us at support@neotori.com and we will answer at the next opportunity.

Don’t I get a purchase confirmation/tracking link or something?2019-11-21T13:29:00+01:00

You do. Every purchase will be confirmed via email including the invoice. Another email will arrive with the tracking information once we’ve shipped your order. Finally, if everything is taken care of, you’ll receive the last email stating that your order was completed successfully.

If you’re not receiving any emails check your spam folder. Some providers automatically sort them out as spam.

Can you ship to DHL Packstations / PO boxes / post offices?2020-12-06T23:47:19+01:00

Shipping to a DHL Packstation is no problem. You have to fill the address fields with the correct information though. Here’s how it’s done: DHL Packstation

If you want to use a PO box or pick it up at a post office please check if actually is possible. Usually you need a modified address (post office number, post code) so make sure you have the correct information ready. As long as it is possible we will ship there.

Can you modify a products shape or create the one I desire?2020-12-06T23:24:50+01:00

We can’t offer custom shapes or modified versions of existing products. Molds can’t be modified, so even a small change in shape would have to be designed, 3D printed, processed and molded to get a changed shape. It basically is the same process as creating a new toy is. And we currently have no time to realize the new models we have lined up.

Can you add a cumtube / vac-u-loc / firmer core to my order?2020-12-06T23:12:54+01:00

These three extras are the most requested ones. We have them on our to-do list and they will be added at some point.

In April 2020 we answered requests about them with “once the Covid chaos settles a bit we will continue working on it”, and as of December 2020 we sadly have no other answer for you. Shipping is a global shitshow and we have two people doing nothing else than taking care of shipping currently. Once these resources are free again we will have more frequent advancements, hopefully sooner than later.

Can I pick my order up myself? I live close to you.2020-12-06T23:20:03+01:00

That usually is no problem. But as long as Covid measures are in effect we can’t offer personal pickup at our workshop, sorry.

And what about the firm option?2020-12-06T23:03:26+01:00

Beside our standard-firmness there also is firm (ShoreA 08) silicone available.
It can be compaired to flexed muscle and is a little more durable than the standard option. It still bends if needed and handling improves in situations like strap on play.

Due to the nature of the firmer silicone we sadly can’t offer split colorations with it.

There are no other firmness options planned for the near future, but it might change at some point.

Are fees and taxes for customs already included in the price?2019-11-21T13:28:11+01:00

There will be no additional fees if you are ordering from within the Eu.

Shipments to destinations outside the EU often come with custom duties or fees and vary from country to country. We suggest you check your local import regulations if you are not sure if it applies to you.

We won’t and cannot fake customs documents for any reason.

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