Artists wanted!


We are looking for artists to create characters and related art.
Our main goal is to find a different artist for each of our models. All future pictures, graphics and projects of that character should be done in the same style, so it might not be a one-time gig.

Here are some of the more important information

  • Every piece is commission based.
  • We wait in your queue like everyone else.
  • We own the full rights to every commission. You can still post it on your channels of choice, but you may not use it commercially. That’s our job. :3
  • While we have ideas and themes for some of the characters there is no actual concept art or ref-sheet available. So the design of the characters appereance is mostly dictated by your artistic freedom and imagination.
  • Payment either via PayPal or bank transfer (in Germany). We’ll need a proper invoice for taxes, an explanation on how to do it on PayPal will be provided if you need it. 🙂

Let’s take Finn as an example of the process:
We only had a few ideas for Finn when we contacted @Masvlno.
He should look friendly, punk-themed, something like a bionic prosthetic would be nice and his pose should be standing.

Everything else was left to Masvlno’s imagination. And after the character creation?
Future projects like more illustrations, stickers, close ups and possibly nsfw-oriented pieces should have the same or very similar style of course.

So we’ll basically get back to you every time we need something attached to that character. If you are interested feel free to send an email to application[at] Further discussions can be via Discord as well, but we want applications arriving at a single point, hence the email address.
A link to your gallery or channel to see some of your work would be nice. Commission info like prices and turnaround times are appreciated as well. We usually credit artwork and link to the artist if possible. If you don’t want us to do that simply let us know.

We will gather applications over two weeks, so don’t worry if we don’t get back to you instantly. Every email will be answered.

This post will be updated if more information are added or if we forgot something.

Please send your application to the stated email, Twitter DMs and quote retweets won’t be considered an application.